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Morah Guttman

Morah Guttman grew up in Chicago in a family dedicated to Torah education. Upon graduating high-school she went on to study in Israel where she received her degree in childhood education.

This lifelong dream to teach has given her the ability to connect with her students, instilling in them an incredible love for Hashem, the Torah, and the missvot. Her passion in her career infuse her lessons with joy to which her students respond with eagerness and excitement.

Morah Guttman creates classes with a fun and upbeat learning environment, a place where her students thrive from visual, audio, and tactile learning. This allows each student to gain a positive sense of self, with the ability to become independent confident pupils.

As a second generation teacher, Morah Guttman takes great pleasure and pride in her past students who are now upstanding and contributing members in their communities.

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