Lunch Program

Lunch Program Sign Up Instructions

1. Log in to Powerschool at from a phone or computer. Please note: Lunch program signup is NOT available in the PowerSchool mobile app.

Everyone has a Powerschool login account. Your username is the first part of your email address at which you received this email (everything before the @ symbol). If you have logged in to the portal before, your username and password are unchanged. If you do not recall your password or if you have never used Powerschool before, follow the instructions below:

To reset your Powerschool Portal password


Click the Forgot Username or Password? Link.

Enter your username and email address where prompted.

2. On the left hand menu, click the item at the bottom named "Lunch Program". If using your mobile web browser click the arrow on the top, left to pop the menu out.  

3. Click the Green "Store" Icon at the top of the screen.

4. The first time you enter, you will be prompted to set up your account and then to accept terms. Click “Set Up Account” and then "Accept Terms".

 5. You will then be directed to our Store homepage to choose your lunch program option. Choose the appropriate lunch option for each child.  (ie: For your child in the ELC, choose ELC Lunch.)  You will be asked for your child’s name at checkout.

6. Select your payment preference from the drop down menu. (Full Year, Semester or Installments)

7. Add the item to your cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" button.

8. If applicable, repeat for the next child.

9. Once you've completed your order, click "Check out now"

10. At checkout, choose your child’s name and fill out the allergy information.  Then click “checkout”.

11. First choose your form of payment.  If using a credit card, click "Add funding sources" to add your credit card. Once completed click “Finalize Payment”.

If you have any difficulties, please email or contact Tracey Krady (ELC) x218, Elana Cohen (Elementary School) x222, Bonnie Adjmi (Middle School) x231 or Marta Meyer (High School) x300 for assistance.