At Hillel Yeshiva, we've created and built an environment that ensures the growth and development of your child through a co-educational experience. As a nationally-recognized PreN-Grade 12 Jewish institution, it is our Hillel Yeshiva promise to provide opportunities that maximize our students' success through a diverse community and individualized instruction.

Our Schools

Welcome to the Early Learning Center

Our warm and nurturing Early Learning Center is a place where your child will develop a love for learning, Israel and Jewish traditions. Our program reflects a deep respect for children and how they learn best. Through differentiated instruction, each child is given an opportunity to explore his/her unique talents, abilities and interests. Each classroom is a community of learners, where the day to day interactions amongst peers, encourage children to collaborate, problem solve and use critical thinking skills. Literacy, science, math, social studies, fine motor, gross motor, social and emotional learning happen each and every day and are integrated into a thematic unit or in-depth research project. Hebrew immersion and STEAM are a priority in the classroom and are experienced daily. Indoor and outdoor play areas enhance the learning experience by challenging students to engage and connect with each other.

Welcome to the Elementary School

Our Elementary School is an exciting, creative and inclusive place to continue your educational adventure. Students are highly encouraged to explore the world around them by studying both General and Jewish subjects as separate curricula to develop a full appreciation and knowledge of each. Music and art are integrated into both tracks and the school day is filled with stimulating lessons and special events. It is our goal that our school reflects a Torah-rich, student centered and nurturing environment; a place where students form long-lasting relationships with their teachers. Parents are encouraged to participate actively in our school that will ensure our commitment to educational excellence. 

Welcome to the Middle School

Our Middle School combines the warmth and creativity of the Elementary School with the robust, multi-class educational program of the High School, all while recognizing the unique developmental needs of students of this age. Although our dual curriculum is rigorous, it develops our students into independent learners with organizational and life skills necessary to balance and juggle the numerous responsibilities of a yeshiva student. Special Jewish programming is added during these years, with a focus on developing Bar and Bat Missva age children to care for others, to care about their community and to understand the importance of participating in acts of hesed.

Welcome to the High School

Welcome to our High School! Hillel’s nurturing environment prepares our students for success. Our faculty is devoted to each of our students both as learners and as individuals. Hillel Yeshiva graduates are prepared to attend the finest yeshivot and universities. Our students develop the habit of life-long learning and a deep commitment to religious growth. They become eager, creative and independent thinkers, are prepared for the road ahead and to become contributing members of the Jewish community.