Mission Statement

Hillel Yeshiva's mission is to provide students with an outstanding Judaic and general studies education so they can achieve success by building the religious, academic and personal foundation that will enable them to possess a loving commitment to Torah and missvot, community, the people and the State of Israel.

Our Values 


We value...

  • The incorporation of Torah values, halacha and missvot into one's life.
  • Inspirational, loving exploration of the diverse approaches within traditional Jewish thought.
  • The establishment of a complete Orthodox Jewish life in a challenging secular culture.
  • The rich traditions of Sephardic and Ashkenazic Jewry, including customs, liturgy, and reading traditions.



We value...

  • The uniquely divine worth, potential, and differing perspectives of all people.
  • The essential contribution of our staff members including teachers, administration, and support staff.
  • The dignified treatment of all people.



We value...

  • Acts of generosity, benevolence, and loving-kindness.
  • The creation of an environment of kindness amongst students and members of the entire school community.
  • Our responsibilities to our immediate community, to fellow Jews in America, Israel and worldwide, to American society and to humankind.   



We value...

  • Each student’s unique passion, creativity, and natural tendency to become life-long learners.
  • Critical thinking skills and an environment of open inquiry in a safe setting, as preparation for college, a profession, and life-long Jewish and general education.
  • Life-long Torah learning.


Student-Centered Approach to Education

We value…

  • Child-centered curricula that take into account students’ varying talents, abilities, and learning styles.
  • Educating the whole child.
  • Each student's personal exploration of self, society, Torah, and the physical world, as part of one's search to lead a true, purposeful, and meaningful Jewish life.


State of Israel

We value...

  • Religious Zionism and the State of Israel as the Jewish homeland.
  • A commitment to the State of Israel and an understanding of its history and culture.
  • The study of the spoken and written modern Hebrew language.
  • Post-high school Israel year-abroad programs.


Parent Participation

We value...

  • Strong bonds between home and school to create the support system integral to student motivation and achievement.
  • Parents' ongoing involvement in their children's education.
  • Parents' active participation and financial support of our school.