Our Founders 

Morris I. Franco A”H

Saul E. Ashkenazi A”H

Ely E. Ashkenazi A”H

Our Start

Leaders maintain the conviction that a dream can be achieved. They present the challenge that calls for the best in people and organizations. They bring those people together around a shared sense of purpose. They peer into the future and foresee the world of tomorrow. They see the big picture and inspire others to join their cause.


Our Story

Saul E. Ashkenazi A”H and his brother Ely E. Ashkenazi A"H, are two such extraordinary individuals, whose commitment to community was the driving force behind their efforts to create a state-of-the-art educational campus for Hillel Yeshiva. Their vision encompassed an atmosphere in which our children would be provided with an unparalleled education in a warm, supportive and nurturing Torah environment.

By the late 1970’s, the original Hillel School, which had been founded in 1950 under the direction of Rabbi Morris A. Schmidman, had outgrown its building. With much foresight, Saul and Ely purchased a fifty-six acre tract of land in Ocean Township, which they generously donated to Hillel Yeshiva for the purpose of creating an educational campus. 

As chairman of the building fund, Saul, with his amazing energy and dedication, raised a significant amount of money for the building campaign. With the help of a motivated group of individuals, Saul was able to convert his vision of an educational complex into a reality through the establishment of the Geri and Abe M. Cohen Elementary School, the Charles Mamiye Junior High School and the Shaul and Miriam Tawil High School.

Another extraordinary individual in the history of Hillel Yeshiva was Morris I. Franco A”H. In 1970 when Mr. Franco began his relationship with Hillel, it  was a school of ninety-five children located in a small building on Logan Road. Through his dedicated efforts, Hillel Yeshiva has developed into an outstanding educational institution on a beautiful campus. As Chairman of the Hillel Yeshiva Board of Trustees, Mr. Franco’s mission was to ensure that every child should receive a Jewish education, regardless of financial circumstances. It was this philosophy that has been the driving force behind Hillel’s fundraising activities throughout the years.


Our Future

Today, Hillel Yeshiva encompasses Pre-Nursery through Twelfth Grade. It is a tribute to its visionaries, Saul E. Ashkenazi, Ely E. Ashkenazi and Morris I. Franco, that Hillel Yeshiva has developed into the strong educational institution that it is today. We strive to continue our traditions by allowing our students the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills, abilities and Torah values that will prepare them for college, business and family life. Our success is shown by the many Hillel alumni who have become productive leaders in our community and have created successful careers and families, while maintaining their commitment to Torah values and their Jewish heritage.